Relationship Tomb

Defeated sensibilities writhing in a broad smile

Elongated conversations leading to tragedies

Mismanaged emotions erupting into savagery

Blurred images of what we once were


Who was I way back when

An insecure sycophant

Ranting and raving about the time we spent

Concealing the true pain of isolation


Inconsolable feelings down deep inside

A psyche turning inward from disappointment

Generalizations missing the mark

Unable to see the light amongst the dank and dark


Historically strong enough to rebuke this

Only having enough energy to puke this out through a pen

Throwing all of this pain onto this page

Tears streaming from the rage


Seemingly locked up in a cage

Truly feeling as if my thoughts were arrested

Unexpected semblance through a simple text of reflection

Memories bring forth those unresolved issues


Freeing myself from this self-inflicted wound

Burying the former shell of myself

Not ashamed to quit

Dust myself off to become lit


Those experiences initiated the evolution of the woman I am today

Be it as it may

Your level of maturity has become inconsequential

Too many misunderstandings to comprehend


The legend unfortunately legitimized the stigma

Not paying full attention

Being the woman that you desired

Only to be compared to the one who conspired


Destruction has led to this second internment

Unable to compromise to the past

Moving fast on the journey

Lead me to an unfit gurney