My plan consisted of making sure the relationship was healthy

A spin entailing the demise of the black man

Knowing the devil is in the details

A layer of nonchalant views fortified as calcium deposits


Hardened hearts become a depository for dismay

Communication requests being used as suppositories

Defending points in opposition of the world view

All along the foundation was out of skew


Emotions running rampant

In the hearts of many seemingly weak

Riddled with insecurity

Positive relationships are a major incapability


Allergic to cats

That famed saying will not define me

Upon my throne I sit

Waiting on him to find me



Peace of mind accompanies me every night

As I close my eyes my mind drifts off into bliss

Those words heard earlier are truly not even missed

Matter of fact that negativity needs to be dismissed


I might not be as happy as you believe I should be

My goals may not have been achieved fully

The white picket fence you envisioned

Has diminished to a sign supported by white pillars


The beauty I possess

Somehow brings you distress

Being the person I am

Has you up early in the am


Expressing yourself vigorously

When I open up to you

Suddenly you cower

My issues seem to tower over you


I will not lower my standards

To substantiate your view of me

Unwed with an empty womb

Unwilling to bow down unless he is my groom


No room to swoon

Too grown to settle

As your life dismantles

I pass the mantle of balance


Know your worth

Be you own best friend

No need to surround yourself with sound

Your gifts can satisfy you in leaps and bounds


As I sleep soundly

Visions of what my life could be invades your space

Until you are honored as deity

Pull up a chair while you embrace piety


Unable to read your mind

I am no longer consumed with trying to be who you defined me to be

HE created me in HIS image

Not to suit your insecure limitations

Absolutely vivacious

Exuberantly enjoying my life


We were envisioned to be sociable entities

Yet alone I seemingly always end up being

Unable to mold into the brainless enigmas that consume social media

I am a formidable presence that shines forth discrepancies in your mundane infatuations

Many common denominators can be found in your design

Unfortunately my mind steps outside of those stagnant lines


First day of spring

New ideals have sprung

Messages from all forms of communication

Convicting hauntings of what use to be

Awaiting the blossoms of the seeds planted

Disappointed by the harvest


Teary eyed the reasoning becomes clear

The expectations I have transcends the demands of other women

Old fashioned ideals of being courted, swept off of my feet, romantic spontaneous dates

Seem to be a labyrinth in this day and time

All I can surmise is that it’s not meant to be

It should not be this complicated, really