I find it interesting….

You are flirting with me knowing you have a wife at home

You are smiling at me but scowling at your child

You are so mesmerized by my presence that you neglect your guest

You are daydreaming about seeing me again


Yet you forgot to inform me of your situation

How could you let those words fall so seductively from you lips

Why try to entice my hips with your tight grip

My name continually drips from your mouth


Should I even try anymore

All I attract are those who are attached

My portrayal must be beguiling

All this attention and I am not even trying


The lying is deceptive

Unable to be truly descriptive

Someone reading this may began to wonder

You must have thought I fell off into a deep slumber




What do you call the feeling 

Of always wanting to be near

Longing for those special words

To hold near and dear
The relationships you thought were forever

Seemingly ending up severed

Unable to recover from what might have been

Emotions tucked deep down within 
It was instant 

No time for romancing 

He was the one 

Until he noticed my flaws
I could not meet his wants

Could you possibly just love me for me

Those conditions have been heaped upon me unfairly 

I had no idea that was what drew you to me
My bubbly personality

My witty sense of humor 

My dedication 

Even my pettiness
You liked it

It was not enough 

Four women later

Now it is me you want to cater to