Surely you jest

This precious time has presented itself

Let me get this off of my chest

To eliminate the rest of your nonsensical unrest


Your claims attest to my ranking as the best

Putting all other women claims to rest

My confidence always exceeded your test

Lack of communication could have deterred this mess


I have seen a lot of growth in you and I

No longer trying to get that piece of pie

Surrounded by spurious notions of love

Our kerfuffle always ended up degrading one another


This exercise in futility has led to unresolved anger resurfacing

Why must we go around in this infinitesimal circle of grandeur

Of what could have been

What part of my life are you planning on staying in



A homebody at heart

Knowing that we are meant to be social beings

Not allowing many into my sanctuary

Allowing my hermit stage to evolve


Involvement has been few and far between

Long phone calls are irritating

Send a quick text getting to the point

Perhaps that could be the reason why


Unable to truly let all of my walls down

I will not be clowned

Disrespect is frowned upon

Leading to a verbal beat down


This crown has been placed upon my curly locs

My heart has not been unlocked

Emotionally unavailable to lack luster thoughts

Unless you will answer the call of my rock


Your messages will be blocked

Blessings upon my life

Also taken as curses

If your presence is mistaken for presents


Can solve varies problems

Instantaneously developing answers for other areas of life

Various constants changing the game plan

Leaving these behind to upgrade


Feeds the multitude of youth

Sustenance has created a need

Pertaining to growth

Always coming back to take notes


One races with pride

Anxious to cross that line

What number have you placed

Disqualified from this race


What have you concocted

That has them professing their undying love every August

In April claims are made

Feelings enslaved


Loving someone else allows social interaction

Family interaction provides satisfaction

In the world we strive for these types of factions

Not fully understanding the dysfunction


On outings with others

Habits have become embarrassing

Awkward situations involve us always

Evolving into a sunken place


Faith allows you to be forgiven

Opening up those wounds from society

Engages your psyche in reality

No longer surrounded with coping mechanisms


Truly those unfortunate instances

Can unfold to tender moments of being exposed

Out of the box experiences proposed

Saying yes while being blessed



What do you call the feeling 

Of always wanting to be near

Longing for those special words

To hold near and dear
The relationships you thought were forever

Seemingly ending up severed

Unable to recover from what might have been

Emotions tucked deep down within 
It was instant 

No time for romancing 

He was the one 

Until he noticed my flaws
I could not meet his wants

Could you possibly just love me for me

Those conditions have been heaped upon me unfairly 

I had no idea that was what drew you to me
My bubbly personality

My witty sense of humor 

My dedication 

Even my pettiness
You liked it

It was not enough 

Four women later

Now it is me you want to cater to


A piece of my heart broke when I released you from my psyche

See you thought you had me

I was caught up in your words of affirmation

You made me feel amazing

Yet just like that no communication

I felt worthless and confused

Had I imagined all of the attention that was shown to me

Did you even acknowledge me without technology

Perhaps in my fantasy more had taken place

You didn’t even want to show your face

In public displays of affection you led me down a road of rejection

I know I’m nowhere near your view of perfection

But I have a lot of dedication

In my journey I’ve learned so many things

My beauty is way more than my dimples

Love isn’t that simple when jaded views have tarnished your perception

I will never understand your delayed reactions

Now all of your texts are been sent like a chain reaction

Did you notice the last time the glimmer had left my eye

Now you want to hang around like a sty

I’m better than you previously thought

Too late for the take me backs

I’m done with all of your self-esteem attacks

Stay in the gutter by your lonesome

I have another road that has been less travelled

No longer straddling

If it’s meant to be….he will be….because HE is always with me