Surely you jest

This precious time has presented itself

Let me get this off of my chest

To eliminate the rest of your nonsensical unrest


Your claims attest to my ranking as the best

Putting all other women claims to rest

My confidence always exceeded your test

Lack of communication could have deterred this mess


I have seen a lot of growth in you and I

No longer trying to get that piece of pie

Surrounded by spurious notions of love

Our kerfuffle always ended up degrading one another


This exercise in futility has led to unresolved anger resurfacing

Why must we go around in this infinitesimal circle of grandeur

Of what could have been

What part of my life are you planning on staying in



Hurt can bring upon unresolved issues

Carpet full of tissues

As you comb through past situations

In which there was no resolution


A solution was developed personally

Until you express it verbally

Stress can become a problem physically

Drawn into a pit of darkness mystically


Embarrassed now that the other party involved

Has moved on to bigger and better activities

While self-pity engulfs your verbiage

Spewing garbage left and right


Being smart can be a downfall

Intellectually prideful

Feelings of entitlement never subsiding

Floating through life unknowingly lying


Grow and learn about the person deep down inside

Why have you not been coming outside

What has you bewildered

Who do you despise


Women have myriad of emotions

Can we converse about the adverse notions

Perception can be your greatest downfall

How many negative words befell you


Sort out what is factual

When you believe lies

Negative emotions attract like flies

Swat away those improper disguises


Loneliness brings on depression

Schedule some girls night out sessions

Write out your concerns

Toss them into the fire pit to burn