Pick a struggle truly

Deep conversations uncovering

A lingering aroma that wreaks

Can an outlook be that bleak


Turmoil fermented in an oven

Rage ablaze in the cornea

Sizzling thoughts enforcing negativity

Spewing thoughts of change


Instances producing grimaces

Processing outcomes that shifts ones thinking

Inward parameters causing a G-force

Leaving souls entrenched with remorse


Overextending activity in everything

Checking the pulse without remorse

Zeroing in on the true idea

Of the true cause and paused



A homebody at heart

Knowing that we are meant to be social beings

Not allowing many into my sanctuary

Allowing my hermit stage to evolve


Involvement has been few and far between

Long phone calls are irritating

Send a quick text getting to the point

Perhaps that could be the reason why


Unable to truly let all of my walls down

I will not be clowned

Disrespect is frowned upon

Leading to a verbal beat down


This crown has been placed upon my curly locs

My heart has not been unlocked

Emotionally unavailable to lack luster thoughts

Unless you will answer the call of my rock


Your messages will be blocked

Blessings upon my life

Also taken as curses

If your presence is mistaken for presents


Persistence can be seen as aggression to most

When you truly believe in your vision

Many times there are no limits

Thus creating division


And those naysayers will develop

Into fan clubs of people out to get you

Patting you on your back

Ready to engage you in lack luster responses


Determined to count your losses

Last time I checked your name was not listed under the title of bosses

My game plan is flawless

Perhaps your determination should have left you less involved in me


Walk your own path

Strike out on your journey in life

Yes it will be met with strife

Just continue to swipe left