A homebody at heart

Knowing that we are meant to be social beings

Not allowing many into my sanctuary

Allowing my hermit stage to evolve


Involvement has been few and far between

Long phone calls are irritating

Send a quick text getting to the point

Perhaps that could be the reason why


Unable to truly let all of my walls down

I will not be clowned

Disrespect is frowned upon

Leading to a verbal beat down


This crown has been placed upon my curly locs

My heart has not been unlocked

Emotionally unavailable to lack luster thoughts

Unless you will answer the call of my rock


Your messages will be blocked

Blessings upon my life

Also taken as curses

If your presence is mistaken for presents



Did you ever take the time out to ask me how I felt

Did you ever take the time to reflect on the hand you dealt

Hearts were the suit you used in your pursuit

Left with broken shards of triangle shaped glass

As I see the reflection of the queen I am to be as I walk pass

While you sulk in the misfortunate of not attaining the role of a king

Being taken as a joke in a court of jesters kept you afloat

Till truth rocked the boat no longer allowing you to boast

As you hop from clubs to social hubs

Heart cut up from being accused of being a spade

How did you mind become so jaded

How am I to compete with your fantasy that left you incomplete

I’m supposed to be the only one who makes you feel complete

Instead you were so greedy

Everything was to supply your neediness

My world was to center around you as you showed no interest in me

When I finally opened my eyes to see

You became angry with me

Saying I wasn’t worthy

It’s strange that I saw fit to be your compliment

All you saw was how fast I needed to get over it

Your needs were legitimate in your mind

My heart was being broken into pieces left for the next one to mine