Whose voice

I just learned these steps a couple of days ago

Amazingly I cannot remember any of the steps

It is a one wall dance so it should come back quickly

The chorus is blaring in my head…This mean war


Oh my goodness I am so late

Ok I have my keys, purse, and coat

Speed walking is not my sport of choice

What kind of river dance is this girl doing at the bus stop?


Come on children

We are all late this morning

Lunches are all made you all can drink your smoothies in the car

Why is that lady standing in front of my car like a deer caught in head lights?


This turn is the sharpest one the route

Oh man I hope she does not dance herself into the street

Beep Beep watch out there

She is really into her music and choreography


Every Monday it is interesting to see what line dance she learned this weekend

This rider is always so hyped up at this  second stop for our complex

Well at least she is warm from all of that moving around while the rest of us are cold

Perhaps I should try the class myself….hmm


The shame of it all

Generally, an open book no need to truly share secrets
Over expressing at times to somewhat of my demise
Trying out different forms of artistic outlets
Unfortunately failing at many

Uncomfortable in front of others
Willing to be the representative to get my point across
Taking a back seat so others may properly release
Leads to crossed feelings of despair feeling as if no cares

Spotlights are not the place to be
Ups and downs of life outweigh the shine radiating from my smile
Inside crying from embarrassment of no longer passing the test
Trying to do my best to survive the outline of what is right

Despite the deep-down void of confusion inside
Fighting within to see what could possibly be
A star is what everyone sees
Yet I am just striving to be me

My love

The soft color of calmness illuminates my soul
The joy that was crafted from your very mission
Many times, the aroma that wafted into my room
Allowed me to squeal with glee

Hearing various utensils clank against your cream-colored sides
Cleaning up the overflow of ingredients as the mixture of ingredients grew
Scrumptious edible treats rejuvenating
The oversensitive pallet of tasty concoctions

My mommy prepared the most exquisite meals for us
My heart literally broke into pieces when you were no longer useful
Broken into pieces unable to be replaced
Your memory holds a special place in the recesses of my mind

Love for a simple object can invoke a myriad of emotions
Almost felt like as if you were a family member
Ever present for all events
The line discontinued no descendants to socialize with

A lovely decorative mixing bowl from England
Left an ever-present imprint on my heart
Holding love expressed through dry ingredients
Poured out into very forms for my pleasing


Clean lives of unrighteousness daily

Why must you do keep doing the same

Will you be able to see the evil in your deeds

How can you ever succeed


Planting seeds of dismay

Plotting to get your way

Selfishness is your foundation for business

Bitter regrets soothed your mind as you slept


Foggy thoughts of leaving distraught

No longer clearing your thoughts

Hard fought debates of baiting innocent victims

Lounging in corners of darkness


In the light of day

There is no way

You can see the Son rise

But be filled with demise


Pick a struggle truly

Deep conversations uncovering

A lingering aroma that wreaks

Can an outlook be that bleak


Turmoil fermented in an oven

Rage ablaze in the cornea

Sizzling thoughts enforcing negativity

Spewing thoughts of change


Instances producing grimaces

Processing outcomes that shifts ones thinking

Inward parameters causing a G-force

Leaving souls entrenched with remorse


Overextending activity in everything

Checking the pulse without remorse

Zeroing in on the true idea

Of the true cause and paused


My plan consisted of making sure the relationship was healthy

A spin entailing the demise of the black man

Knowing the devil is in the details

A layer of nonchalant views fortified as calcium deposits


Hardened hearts become a depository for dismay

Communication requests being used as suppositories

Defending points in opposition of the world view

All along the foundation was out of skew


Emotions running rampant

In the hearts of many seemingly weak

Riddled with insecurity

Positive relationships are a major incapability


Allergic to cats

That famed saying will not define me

Upon my throne I sit

Waiting on him to find me


Being honest with yourself

Owning up to your part

Not allowing ideas to smear

As the spear pierces down deep


Overwhelming emotions erupting from laminated pain

Thoughts swayed feeling betrayed

Led astray by comforting thoughts

Obviously shedding tears for not


Images created from societal niches

Born again believers are encrusted with riches

Self-esteem out on a limb

Needing those chains to be broken


Tired of sin seriously

Depression can take complete control if you let it

In and out of it

Drawing you away from what is happening in the present