At times

Too much pressure upon myself I have applied

The standards I have set for myself are worthwhile

My time stamp has become an issue

Many times beginning things without finishing


Learning scales are different for everyone

Hands on experience has been my greatest skillset

Yet unfinished business has been in academia for sometime

Options have now been presented


Now that dull feeling deep in my subconscious can no longer be denied

Accomplishments are on the rise

Doubting myself must subside

Into the finish line I must slide


Dreams disguised as disappointments

Applied to my life calendar

Never realizing how much is left on the landscape

Into my bewilderment I must escape


Unwilling to fight for me

Yearning to please everyone else

In order to rise

This prize must be claimed


Resigning from the naysayers

Uplifting myself by girding my grind

My time to shine will be at the gates

My journey here still awaits


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