My truth can alter your perspective

My laugh will engage you immediately

My thoughts are profound

My steps are unique


I can only be me

In being that

Many have to take two steps back

Some may want to hang out chill and relax


In my first forty years

It has truly been a challenge

To embrace me, myself, and I

A hard pill to swallow generally


Nothing to compare myself to

An oddball on all fronts

Not the prettiest

Nor the skinniest


Popularity contest my name was not mentioned

Knowing all types of people

Causes your perspective to change drastically

My only child syndrome was challenged greatly


Materialistic values were never instilled in me

Quality time was woven into every aspect of my upbringing

Knowing that my voice was heard

Speaks volumes to the woman I am today


Trying to impress the world

Led me to insecurities

Unrequited loves too many to count

Leaving my existence in doubt


Overcoming the inconsistent feelings deep in my soul

Allowed me to honor the one who nurtured my soul

Paying homage to the mother I was placed under

No wonder my bar of love is so high


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