My truth can alter your perspective

My laugh will engage you immediately

My thoughts are profound

My steps are unique


I can only be me

In being that

Many have to take two steps back

Some may want to hang out chill and relax


In my first forty years

It has truly been a challenge

To embrace me, myself, and I

A hard pill to swallow generally


Nothing to compare myself to

An oddball on all fronts

Not the prettiest

Nor the skinniest


Popularity contest my name was not mentioned

Knowing all types of people

Causes your perspective to change drastically

My only child syndrome was challenged greatly


Materialistic values were never instilled in me

Quality time was woven into every aspect of my upbringing

Knowing that my voice was heard

Speaks volumes to the woman I am today


Trying to impress the world

Led me to insecurities

Unrequited loves too many to count

Leaving my existence in doubt


Overcoming the inconsistent feelings deep in my soul

Allowed me to honor the one who nurtured my soul

Paying homage to the mother I was placed under

No wonder my bar of love is so high



Peace of mind accompanies me every night

As I close my eyes my mind drifts off into bliss

Those words heard earlier are truly not even missed

Matter of fact that negativity needs to be dismissed


I might not be as happy as you believe I should be

My goals may not have been achieved fully

The white picket fence you envisioned

Has diminished to a sign supported by white pillars


The beauty I possess

Somehow brings you distress

Being the person I am

Has you up early in the am


Expressing yourself vigorously

When I open up to you

Suddenly you cower

My issues seem to tower over you


I will not lower my standards

To substantiate your view of me

Unwed with an empty womb

Unwilling to bow down unless he is my groom


No room to swoon

Too grown to settle

As your life dismantles

I pass the mantle of balance


Know your worth

Be you own best friend

No need to surround yourself with sound

Your gifts can satisfy you in leaps and bounds


As I sleep soundly

Visions of what my life could be invades your space

Until you are honored as deity

Pull up a chair while you embrace piety


Can solve varies problems

Instantaneously developing answers for other areas of life

Various constants changing the game plan

Leaving these behind to upgrade


Feeds the multitude of youth

Sustenance has created a need

Pertaining to growth

Always coming back to take notes


One races with pride

Anxious to cross that line

What number have you placed

Disqualified from this race


What have you concocted

That has them professing their undying love every August

In April claims are made

Feelings enslaved


Describe him to anyone

He is a great guy on paper

Swipe to the right for some

Downright unattractive to others


A man of great aesthetic appeal

Upon the reveal of what he holds near and dear

The fear of history repeating itself

Has become clear


Disasters have been the framework

Of what the perception of love is

In my dislike of how my mother was treated

You could have done better


Even in your letters

Blame you still have yet to claim

Living by your critical acclaim

In social fame flaunting your smile just the same


Signs that should jump out at you

Subtlety crept by you in ignorance

Warnings blaring around you

Unfortunately the subject of someone else engrossed you


And friends and family commented vigorously

Discreetly your mindset had been defeated

Belief in what you had was all you needed

Creating a need unwittingly


Wonders from bystanders

Who thought you had their best interest at hand

Feelings in the reprimand category

Situations ending up in allegory


Take a step back

Pull your hair back

Remove the frivolous

Can you truly live with this


Persistence can be seen as aggression to most

When you truly believe in your vision

Many times there are no limits

Thus creating division


And those naysayers will develop

Into fan clubs of people out to get you

Patting you on your back

Ready to engage you in lack luster responses


Determined to count your losses

Last time I checked your name was not listed under the title of bosses

My game plan is flawless

Perhaps your determination should have left you less involved in me


Walk your own path

Strike out on your journey in life

Yes it will be met with strife

Just continue to swipe left


Ministers of the faith can sometimes catch you off guard

Are you ready to hear about this topic

Not realizing you have not been drawn

Seeds sown to water daily


Of all your friends

Those words seemed more expressive

They truly met my need

I need to inquire within


Reconciliation is a hard pill to swallow

I have more to say

You have yet to convey

What I wanted you to say


Evermore living in a daze

Loitering outside of the garden

Commitments unmet

When was the last time you truly slept