Sense of taste #daytwentyseven #napowrimo

A mini cabbage

Immediately I envision those savory cabbage rolls mommy made as a child

The vegetable in this bowl could not possibly be transformed to that

These are always the subject of rejection in foodie conversations


Sitcoms that I faithfully watched as a child

Deemed this particular food to be horrible

The actors’ faces were befuddling me

How bad could it actually be


My very first tasting led me to feel the same

It was shameful for such a tiny piece of food

To be so destructive to my taste buds

I just wanted juice to cover the pungent lingering aftertaste


As an adult I learned about its cruciferous properties

Intrigued about the many ways of preparation presented

Eagerly I tried them again

With no expectation of my earlier experience changing


This time it was a magnificent taste

The little gem had become a treat

Perhaps my growth in food choices

Changed my palate drastically


Truly this little cabbage had been sautéed and oven baked perfectly

A delightsome punch of flavor

Soft but tender texture

The look of it is so deceiving


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