future archaeologists #daytwentysix #napowrimo

An object about the width and length of my torso

Trimmed in a bold, dark and alluring color

A piercing white background allowing the objects to pop off of it

Drawn to this illuminating framework


A tracking of some sort

Individual messages arranged on a board

Quotes inspired by others

Scriptures meeting the needs of the intended


Thirty one hand written daily notes that lead to happiness

The heading on the board displays the emotion behind this

A myriad of neon colors

Able to brighten any day


Different pieces of paper with pictures upon it

Did this person fancy butterflies perhaps

Awesome penmanship displayed within the handwritten notes

Time spent to show interest in such an intricate project


I can assess that this person liked to make things

As the data is compiled the key word is crafts

A love for designing

Seemingly personally decorating


This outpouring of love through

Specific objects strewn together

Putting happiness into the atmosphere

Causing many of my team to peer into my discovery


Vote now taken

Let us hang this by the door

As we enter into the lab each morn

Happiness can be worn


The words upon the paper

A mantra it shall be

At any point you my feel downcast

Before the tear engulfs your lash


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