Small, defined space #daytwentyfive #napowrimo

The front seat of grandfather’s truck

It was a huge space for a small child

I could barely fit in it today

It holds a special place in my heart


My wide eyed imagination ever expanding

As I spent many a day riding through the city

Learning about new places and people

The city seemed so different from where I lived


A true bond grew from time spent in those two seats

Grocery store receipts stacked up in the ashtray

Unwanted items to others tossed in the back

Treasures ready to be discovered


A jack of all trades

Ready and willing to meet all needs

Socially able to blend in

A true Washington DC resident


Landscapes may have changed

Yet I still can remember certain landmarks

Past conversations resurfacing

Allowing me to shake my head and giggle


How you treat a person is a learned habit

A kind word as he rolled the window down or honked the horn

Seeing people turn and smile or wave in acknowledgement

Days made in one single moment


Truly the only father figure I have ever known

Learning how to count from change in a jar collected for the corner store

The Big Dipper amongst the stars

Always a constant reminder of how to be humble by far


I hold in him in high regards

The world seemed so big back then

Those lost ideals now seem so irrelevant

Influenced by the best man I have ever met


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