Ekphrasis #daytwentyfour #napowrimo

How long did she sit there

Did the artist complete this in one sitting

Her posture is phenomenal

Her smile seems sly

Had someone mentioned something comical


I get a petty vibe

Could the look in her eye

Be from disgust of getting all dolled up

She is a tomboy at heart

Rather be running around in the park


The landscape behind her seemed so inviting

Could she not go out alone

Run errands for items needed to get through the week

How many bathroom breaks were needed

A stiff drink afterwards to end her evening


Sleepiness had to set in

Staring at the same point upon the wall

The object becoming smaller

Long black lines blurring her outlook

Falling asleep as her eyelids close sweetly


A famous portrait

A woman of simple means

Seemingly a round the way girl

Hanging out with her friends making memories

Looking over her shoulder constantly concerned about being way too lit


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