Repetition #dayeight #napowrimo

You have a nice smile

As I blushingly step off of the metro train

I quicken my pace to catch the shuttle

A soft voice replies maybe next time


Nice smile

Thank you so much for your compliment

It really made my day

You have no idea what has been coming my way


Why have I not seen your smile in awhile

I try to smile every day

You have the nicest smile

It truly brightens my day


Out of all the pictures you could choose for your profile

I am totally shocked you are not smiling

You have such a nice smile

Use another one you have a vast arsenal that could stretch out into a mile


That many people notice me

Strangely it intrigues me

As I frown from my thoughts

Smile and your day will be better he says


I chuckle to myself

Then it registers that I have heard this voice

The newspaper man yells

You have a nice smile as he greets the next person


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