Overhead Speech #daytwentyone #napowrimo

She is cute for a fat girl

What would I be if I were your size

Are you threatened by my presence

Thanks for bringing this topic up in my awareness


My looks should not be downgraded due to my weight

How can you judge me

I am pretty sure you would not appreciate those comments being spoken about you

Do you know how it feels to be thought of in such a manner


I am flabbergasted by your gall to even speak it forth

Instead of going back and forth

I will move forward in my day

Instilling goodness in people daily


Thanks for the compliment young lady

I pray you have a blessed day

Ooops I did not think she heard me

I am so sorry


No need to change your speech at this juncture

The words have already been spoken

Voices carry even when you try to whisper

My ego only has a small blister from your existence


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