Creation myth #unicornblendedcreme #day19 #napowrimo

The pink sour sprinkles came from the little nuisances that dismiss it

The flavorful blue sprinkles come from the streaks upon the cheek from tears

For some reason not everyone sees the magic

I felt magical after I drank it


As I sat atop the wings of my friend from the sugar high

I contemplated the milky texture flowing through my straw

Daydreams of happiness begin to dance around me

The smoothness of the whipped cream truly delighted me


I believe the true recipe was derived from a scene in The Trolls movie

This mixture could not have been envisioned by a simple human

A being of pure imagination must have leant their ideas to this organization

Bringing forth the aloofness that got me through a trying day


These baristas are truly making my day

So meticulous in making this extraordinary beverage

Ingredients galore coming together to shew forth my favorite color

After an aggressive stir of the best combination of coffee additives


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