Neologisms #dayeighteen #napowrimo

Beautifleye is my personal depiction

Upon developing my style of writing

It seemed to focus on the beauty of butterflies

Also honing in on the pain down deep in someone’s eyes


Not wanting to be just another anomaly

I penned what felt natural to me

Perhaps my words are depicting the lifespan of a butterfly

Focusing on their pain of transitions


I can only imagine

What it would be like

To go from the bottom of one’s shoe

To the fragrant sunflowers of a meticulously kept garden


Well actually I do

Not feeling worthy of Man

Graciously embraced by The Son

Now see He’s the Holy One


He looks deep into my soul

Nurturing the beauty that is within me

Allowing my eyes to be uplifting while in thought

Capturing opinions of others attempting to thwart


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