PORTRAIT #day10 #napowrimo2017

Genius trapped in pain from her past

Creativity bursting through the seams of her majesty

Eloquent lines of prose describing one of her very own

Innocence stolen at a very young age

How can you still smile

Beguiled by unworthy males who should have been impaled by cupid’s arrow

Focus narrowed by each failed relationship

Unable to separate the conniving from the sniveling weasels off the break

All of these experiences have riddled you to the core

Wondering what was it all for

Are you even able to articulate the pain in clear concise sentences

Of course because of the gift sitting deep down in your soul

As you open up more with age

Those words are being poured into every aspect of your life

How could we have ever made it through life without your perplexing view

This path was created especially for you

HE knew you would come out unvarnished

Always polished from head to toe

Flawless ideas of fashion shown daily

Who is this special lady….I’ve explained her plainly


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