BOP #day11 #napowrimo2017

Many women gathered around in small huddles

Trying to figure out the proper way to approach such a theme

Could it be that we all have the same thought pattern

Considering we are all in the same decade

A new one to be exact entering into those forties

We are newbies to this new level of maturity


Why are so many of us single


Not lacking in different appearances

Many of us could be supermodels

Mothers amongst us raising phenomenal children

Power professionals with outstanding careers

Ever-changing hobbies to keep up with our exquisite personalities

Challenging conversations leading us to vent to one another daily

In our ways laying our hearts before one another safely

Not wanting to be labeled as an “angry black woman”


But, why are so many of us single


One could blame society

Our culture possible a culprit

Dysfunctional familial units

Running from professions that could expand our broad stroke of humanity

Unable to break that glass ceiling of not “laying on that couch”

Thoughts, emotions, pain wrapped up in sexual exploitations


Oh that is, why are so many of single


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