Same Thing #NAPOWRIMO2017

Heart cold as ice

Words cutting deep as a pick

Glares piercing as a subzero freezer


Sinister chuckles

Off the wall commentary

Colorful depictions of variations of stressful situations


Empathy to the 10th degree

Able to show true concern

Clear visionary statements of discernment


Creativity oozing out of every crevice

Unable to focus on one project

Thoughts jumbled in daydream traffic


Gung ho and ready to go

Ready, willing, and able

Prepared for every activity


Couch potato to the max

Same meals everyday

Watching one movie over and over again


Eloquent wordsmith

Jagged verbiage that cuts to the white meat

Side eye stares leaving you violently ill


Willing to get to the nitty gritty

21 questions times 3

Dissecting every part of your vocabulary


Evaluation every movement of the person

Noticing slight inconsistencies

Actions not adding up to what was stated


Ready to wreck shop

Do not let the fluff fool you

Situations easily handled


Self-esteem dismantled daily

Wondering is it all really worth it

Too much compartmentalizing


Expecting you to figure it out

Not supplying any lines to read between

Emotionally detached from everything


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