Enigma #napowrimo2017

Hopes yet to be fulfilled

Childhood dreams slowly fading away

Faith strengthened by a powerful man servant

Self-esteem hanging on by a thread

Sanity riddled by sporadic depressive states

Stretched in many ways professionally

Creativity blocked by insecurity

Focus deterred by loneliness

Concentration marred by retrospective personal checklist of goals

Confused as to how to use these gifts

Listening to all types of music has allowed the mind to embrace differences

Videos really showing how the artist chose to express the lyrics written

Trying to encapsulate every inch of those positive vibes

Old school seems to be a running theme

Perhaps that theme running rampant in the mind should be explored

Not wanting to be a cliché

Ending up in thoughtless rendezvous

Captivated by smooth criminals

Fantasizing about calmer scenes

Wishing life could have been slightly different

Decisions made unaware of the deadly consequences

Opportunities squelched unknowingly

Dwelling in an abyss of nothingness

Swimming in a pool of doubt

Quoting various self-affirmations

Trying to climb the heights leaving one to be engulfed in somber moods

Failing continuously to meet the expectations of others

Not fitting into the dimensions laid out before me

Grasping for straws that were removed long time ago

Ego shattered daily by a dry phone

Social media has become an introvert

One life line left even that leaves one to be suspect

Hours spent watching movies that touch your soul

Daydreaming about words spoken to that nurtured

Blown away by the beauty that can be found in the most insignificant thing

Unable to stand tall enough to be an acquaintance

Unsure of the dating qualifications

Dance card has expired, even revoked

Options are slim to none

Perplexing conversations had with oneself

Feelings perpetuated by empathetic individuals

Sympathetic inquiries are non-existent

No longer relevant

Use to being the main event

Back up capabilities not compatible

Time to reset


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