“Elegy” – #NaPoWriMo_GloPoWriMo

Last of a generation

Pushing forth maturation of the next in line

Are they able to step up to the plate

It is different in this day and time


Upon her upbringing the district was a thriving place for a woman

Nowadays it is a struggle to be seen and heard by merit alone

The shalom that was once a precept of this area has vanished

So many little girls innocence has been vanquished


Female, black, Indian, baby girl, wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, and friend

Worked a good job from what her predecessors had achieved

She had lived the American dream as though it seemed

Most of her life seemingly a dream


Burying her child

Notice of another child

Happiness drifting off in a cloud

Bed ridden by illness life now embraced by a frown




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