Skeltonic Verse #daytwentyeight #napowrimo

Her smile

Can perhaps beguile

Past loves

Taken away on wings of doves

Memories zapped

Shoulder tapped

Wake up

Pick yourself up

Dust off

Those lingering feelings of lust

Your bust

Should be beaming with pride

You are one of a kind

You are His child


Sense of taste #daytwentyseven #napowrimo

A mini cabbage

Immediately I envision those savory cabbage rolls mommy made as a child

The vegetable in this bowl could not possibly be transformed to that

These are always the subject of rejection in foodie conversations


Sitcoms that I faithfully watched as a child

Deemed this particular food to be horrible

The actors’ faces were befuddling me

How bad could it actually be


My very first tasting led me to feel the same

It was shameful for such a tiny piece of food

To be so destructive to my taste buds

I just wanted juice to cover the pungent lingering aftertaste


As an adult I learned about its cruciferous properties

Intrigued about the many ways of preparation presented

Eagerly I tried them again

With no expectation of my earlier experience changing


This time it was a magnificent taste

The little gem had become a treat

Perhaps my growth in food choices

Changed my palate drastically


Truly this little cabbage had been sautéed and oven baked perfectly

A delightsome punch of flavor

Soft but tender texture

The look of it is so deceiving

future archaeologists #daytwentysix #napowrimo

An object about the width and length of my torso

Trimmed in a bold, dark and alluring color

A piercing white background allowing the objects to pop off of it

Drawn to this illuminating framework


A tracking of some sort

Individual messages arranged on a board

Quotes inspired by others

Scriptures meeting the needs of the intended


Thirty one hand written daily notes that lead to happiness

The heading on the board displays the emotion behind this

A myriad of neon colors

Able to brighten any day


Different pieces of paper with pictures upon it

Did this person fancy butterflies perhaps

Awesome penmanship displayed within the handwritten notes

Time spent to show interest in such an intricate project


I can assess that this person liked to make things

As the data is compiled the key word is crafts

A love for designing

Seemingly personally decorating


This outpouring of love through

Specific objects strewn together

Putting happiness into the atmosphere

Causing many of my team to peer into my discovery


Vote now taken

Let us hang this by the door

As we enter into the lab each morn

Happiness can be worn


The words upon the paper

A mantra it shall be

At any point you my feel downcast

Before the tear engulfs your lash

Georgic #daytwentytwo #naporwrimo

I am allergic to cats

Not really too keen on dogs

Deathly afraid of lizards

No interest in a hamster


A goldfish would be just the right fit

Get some water

A large enough bowl

The proper food


What could possibly go wrong

Perhaps not cleaning the bowl regularly

The fish lives there

Without the proper accessories it will eventually die there as well


Upon upgrading the tank

Getting a filter

A temperature gauge

Scenery along with festive additives


The fish will have so much going on

It will not notice you are out of town

Until you return

Finding it upside down in the added scenery


No pets

I will just write in my journal

Apparently taking care of something else

Was not a part of my vocabulary

Small, defined space #daytwentyfive #napowrimo

The front seat of grandfather’s truck

It was a huge space for a small child

I could barely fit in it today

It holds a special place in my heart


My wide eyed imagination ever expanding

As I spent many a day riding through the city

Learning about new places and people

The city seemed so different from where I lived


A true bond grew from time spent in those two seats

Grocery store receipts stacked up in the ashtray

Unwanted items to others tossed in the back

Treasures ready to be discovered


A jack of all trades

Ready and willing to meet all needs

Socially able to blend in

A true Washington DC resident


Landscapes may have changed

Yet I still can remember certain landmarks

Past conversations resurfacing

Allowing me to shake my head and giggle


How you treat a person is a learned habit

A kind word as he rolled the window down or honked the horn

Seeing people turn and smile or wave in acknowledgement

Days made in one single moment


Truly the only father figure I have ever known

Learning how to count from change in a jar collected for the corner store

The Big Dipper amongst the stars

Always a constant reminder of how to be humble by far


I hold in him in high regards

The world seemed so big back then

Those lost ideals now seem so irrelevant

Influenced by the best man I have ever met

Ekphrasis #daytwentyfour #napowrimo

How long did she sit there

Did the artist complete this in one sitting

Her posture is phenomenal

Her smile seems sly

Had someone mentioned something comical


I get a petty vibe

Could the look in her eye

Be from disgust of getting all dolled up

She is a tomboy at heart

Rather be running around in the park


The landscape behind her seemed so inviting

Could she not go out alone

Run errands for items needed to get through the week

How many bathroom breaks were needed

A stiff drink afterwards to end her evening


Sleepiness had to set in

Staring at the same point upon the wall

The object becoming smaller

Long black lines blurring her outlook

Falling asleep as her eyelids close sweetly


A famous portrait

A woman of simple means

Seemingly a round the way girl

Hanging out with her friends making memories

Looking over her shoulder constantly concerned about being way too lit