Time and Attention

I seek it from the wrong type of guy

Those sly ones that get you caught up quick

So slick that you heart ends up ripped out of your chest

See you lost that game of chess


In the next encounter you try to prove that you’ve learned your lesson

Unbeknownst to you you’ve been enrolled into another wrong guy session

Blushing from the compliments

So many texts sent


One on one time irrelevant

How could you have thought you were working towards a covenant

Just enough time and attention given

To allow you to looks pass his misgivings


Covering up ill begotten hopes and dreams of what could’ve been

I’m confident and independent by default

After being bruised battered and torn

My heart can’t take anymore


So I celebrate single awareness day with pride

No more free rides on the emotional rollercoaster

My worth is no longer defined by society’s social network vineyard

My garden is plush and bountiful with my newfound outlook