#18 prompt Sounds of Home

Various strobes of light seen from the car window as you peep before getting out

Eyes half closed trying to see through the spaces in the blinds

Scanning the window to see if a shadow can be seen

Scurrying around the long corner

Quickening pace on the straight and narrow path toward the front door

Plastic crumbling while digging deeply in my purse to gain access

Forgetting to hold the door as the clang reverberates through my frame

Papers falling from the cork board above

Alerting the residents as the vibration can be felt through the shaking of the window panes

Creeks in certain parts of the floor

Running up the quick flights of stairs

Like a step team defending their national title

Daring to miss a step not to be heard

Trying to find the right placement of your footsteps

Almost tripping with each turn

Feeling the slight draft on your ankle as you fly pass the window in the hall

All motion coming to an abrupt thud as your foot lands on the threshold

Breaths halted from fear of the clocks chiming in sync

As your hand places the key gently into the lock

The rattling of the chain links

Interrupts the melodic sounds of sleep



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