Book spine challenge! Prompt 10

Matthew Henry’s Commentary shares many views from

Voices of the faithful who came before us drawing us away from those who claim

Sacred cows make the best burger which is absurd

Who would have the Guts to say such a thing


Inspired by Poems from God’s Dancer

Allows me to put together rhymes which produces Extraordinary Togetherness

Having the naysayers proclaiming they’ve come This far by faith

I hear unbelievers say I will turn my life around When I hear his call

Often times I encourage them to read I, II Timothy and Titus

The chastisement often leaves them feeling like A Raisin in the sun

Wondering How do you know God’s your Father


You’re His Princess

He’s been with you through all of your Transitions

Think of all the times you’ve been saved from evil plans

He was Positioning you for better decisions

Now as you’re Managing Transitions with ease


Please don’t live by The Oz Principle

Stay calm when you’re involved in Fierce Conversations

His thought process stems from The Making of Leaders

Every morning you open your eyes, get on your mark, and Ready Set Go


He will provide you The Right words for any occasion

Your testimony shows how you’re Growing strong in God’s Family

Now you’re comfortable Body & Soul

Try to relax in this new class I heard about Yoga for Christians

Be sure to be fortified with the Amplified Bible


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