9th Prompt afraid to say

Generational dysfunction of what true intimacy is has caused the stigma of singlehood

A true mate cannot meet your needs due to their insecurities

They were abused as a child and told it was cool

Reacting to the pain differently causes strife in society

The inner city becoming a cloudy scene of drug infested fiends


Your drug of choice can be seen on major TV screens

Words and images thrown in front of youth for shock value

Criminality fused into education by removing truth

How can we advance as a people if they have diluted the roots

Unable to detect the slight of hand while being reprimanded


Passed through as status quo never being challenged to go with what you know

Etched in our hearts right and wrong has been established

Eve tore a layer from that truth when she ate the apple

In silence Adam’s aggression in women began

Reversing roles is the main cause of the torment of our eternal souls


Trying to influence those in the dark to see the LIGHT that can set them apart

Enticed by smooth hypnotic stories that caress the canals of their auditory functions

Turning away from eye opening revelations

Just to flick through thousands of foolish digital stations

Finding sources of intoxicating edification



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