Prompt #6

The love of my life

Incessantly on my mind

Dreaming about our next venture from time to time

Visions of different ways to enjoy you clouds my mind

Constant thoughts of how I can experience those textures just one more time

You are not good for me

My blood pressure is dangerously high

Cholesterol in a bad zone

Pounds up and down

Skin breaking out like I’m still in puberty

Unable to have a good night’s rest

Thinking of letting this temptation go has my mouth dry

Thoughts of making up has me salivating


In love with you is an understatement

Your ability to meet my emotional needs

Exceeding my concern about diabetes

Harmful levels of toxic pesticides

Has our connection on a rollercoaster ride

I need you to survive

In your natural state you’ve been able to stabilize my hormones

I have preferred you in an altered state for so long

It has truly been hard to move on

America has not tried to curb your demise of my lifestyle

Undermining us with great marketing campaigns

Resulting in high medical bills

Wow what a surprise


My ability to link you to sad days in life

Connections to happiness over these past thirty nine years

Tears fill my eyes of the perfect ways we have spent time

Always there for me when my money wasn’t funny

Threaded through many instances of growth

A soundtrack of unhealthy comprise

On the rise due to the latest fad

Feeling bad due to the impact on my body chemistry

In misery when my negative choices got the best of me

Energy levels have been truly erratic

This stronghold has molded many fruitful years of my life

Comforted by the temporary relief of the world’s ills

Learning about what really matters



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