Day 17 prompt Specialized Source

A clear indication that the times have changed

As the “Baby Boom Generation” begins to decay

Obstructions in the detrusor muscle have ruined numerous days

Telemedicine being the new craze

Has allowed eructation to be solved by pure description

Perhaps with the new strides in genome studies

Will provide new prescriptions for old depictions of office work

Carpal tunnel syndrome can be in the fine print of job descriptions

Dedicated novitiates can determine consistent themes

Through construct validity schemes

Many of the diagnosis were afferent in the street

Our office became the focus of visions of obstructions from graphic movie scenes



#18 prompt Sounds of Home

Various strobes of light seen from the car window as you peep before getting out

Eyes half closed trying to see through the spaces in the blinds

Scanning the window to see if a shadow can be seen

Scurrying around the long corner

Quickening pace on the straight and narrow path toward the front door

Plastic crumbling while digging deeply in my purse to gain access

Forgetting to hold the door as the clang reverberates through my frame

Papers falling from the cork board above

Alerting the residents as the vibration can be felt through the shaking of the window panes

Creeks in certain parts of the floor

Running up the quick flights of stairs

Like a step team defending their national title

Daring to miss a step not to be heard

Trying to find the right placement of your footsteps

Almost tripping with each turn

Feeling the slight draft on your ankle as you fly pass the window in the hall

All motion coming to an abrupt thud as your foot lands on the threshold

Breaths halted from fear of the clocks chiming in sync

As your hand places the key gently into the lock

The rattling of the chain links

Interrupts the melodic sounds of sleep


Didactic #19 prompt

Full of emotions with nowhere to store them

Unable to physically show the pain

Stunted in your growth unable to shout and proclaim

Disfigured in visions of your position

How can you destroy their distorted perception


Evaluate your penmanship

Free hand, cursive, or texting

Virtual or lined notepads

Pen everything that crosses your mind

Walk away from it


Gather your thoughts about what you put down

Now say them together aloud

Rearrange them around

Call, text, or email it to a friend

Find an open mic spit


Kennings prompt #20

Four part harmony in flight

Wings made of varied color combinations

Metamorphic crawler

Hairy, fuzzy, and frightening to most


Spectacular transformative being

Dramatically going in different directions

Myriad spy

From land to air with nothing to spare


Layered moth like figure

Symmetrically configured

Nature’s agent of change

Changing the landscape while gaining fame


Being used as representations

What would be your definition

Infatuation gone to the extreme

Tattooed upon bodies to add some gleam


Intertwined in melodic themes

Often fused into copious schemes

Can you relate to this flow

Just to take this on tour for an explosive show


Doubles Prompt #15

Tennis, stomach, and people

When the word doubles is mentioned

My mind begins to ponder odd things


The first time I can recall hearing this word

Sports led the way


My body reared its ugly head

The my processed food addiction made way


Twins have always been an interesting concept to me

How can two things be identical but different


Perhaps just as I can call myself a poet

But many people don’t see rappers in that fashion

How could you miss their rhyming techniques


Read the previous stanza again

Did you take a double take


San San Prompt 14

Purple threads line every piece of clothing I own

Reclining on royal couches alone

Meditating on His crown of thorns from the throne


A popular color with biblical meaning

Lounging by royalty also played a pivotal point during meals which is utterly intriguing

Those purple threads can also be seen on the royal couches imprinted on the very fabric intertwined into His crown of thorns


Crown piercing His forehead exposing the cruelty of those whose heartstrings He longed to tug upon

Draped in a purple robe, despised by the worldly royal throne, and adorned with the crown He would not call His own


Prompt 13 Fortune Cookie

When you row another person across the river, you get there yourself

Teamwork can be a good thing

A partnership can calm the seas

As you are paddling frantically like you’re being chased by bees


The hard work you dedicate to try and support another’s dream

Often times allows you to reach your own

Seeing your truths unfold

Promises you’ve tucked away after being scolded for being way too outgoing


Involving yourself with likeminded people

Affords you the opportunity to pursue small bites of your inner longings

No longer drowning in past unfulfilled desires

Amazingly ready to ride the waves


See I’ve been saved

No longer huddling in a shallow grave

Trying not to be enslaved by the rat race

Standing tall and saving face