In my life I have seen many things

My journey has seemed to be surreal

I never thought I would be right here

Stuck in the headlights like a deer

Yearning for GOD to say this come way my dear

Am I not hearing HIS still small voice

I surrender to not knowing it all of course

In the midst of subduing my boast

I must stay the course

To correct the score of par

I’ve come way too far


Finding my passion has lit a fire

Failing pushed me to the brink of depression

No longer believing in my desires

Allowing my insecurities to become an oppressive presence

Distorting the plans of things I wanted to acquire

Many lessons derived from HIS many presents

Others seeing my spiritual gifts developing

I’m not readily willing to receive their praise

Trying to fade into the background

Seemingly allowing my inclinations to slack

Caught up in a paralyzing gaze


Lounging in my misfortune

My grand visions became blurred

Blessings I felt I deserved seem to swerve pass my curb

Standing in despair desperately crying out this isn’t fair

A tap on my shoulder brought clarity to my path

I’ve been here before

There was no need to suffer in drought anymore


Fertile ground is on my horizon

In this epistle many verses have arisen

Although it is already written

I was smitten by my former dream

A chunk of my future was bitten

Allowing me to digest HIS concept


No need to cry over spilled milk

This walk has allowed me to dive into a meatier voyage

Even though I’m gnawing on the fat of life now

I’ll be able to grasp my spot at HIS table

When I’m called

In a few years this experience will be a mere morsel