Thanks to my pen….

I’m disappointed in the person I’ve become

Living by labels that have slowly left me undone

Not living by the stereotypes

But trying to be that type

See he likes that type

My stripes need to be wiped

My issues seem contrite when I speak them

My mind gets caught up in sublime images of happiness

My heart crumbles every time I text knowing he won’t reply

My tears are stagnant in my pupils

I’m stronger than this

In life bliss is hit or miss

Seemingly strikes are my favorite thing to pitch

I already know the outcome

These perceptions stem from pain ingrained in the brain

Big gurls aren’t in this year

All I are hear compliments about are my features

Will I ever be completely free of my insecurities

My fears shine through on my sleeve

Depression seems to be flowing from my seams

In my dreams I see simple activities bringing about a smile

When asked of him you thought I asked him to walk a country mile

Perhaps I’m not worth while

I haven’t been on a date in awhile

Indeed that smile is upside down

Did I ever get a proper chance

Your expectations were always way more than I anticipated

When did I mention those things

Is that how you envision me

Ready to part the Red Sea

Standing ready for Rapture

All I ever wanted in life

To feel encapsulated by love from the one

He doesn’t exist

The need is now non existent

Thanks to my pen

My long standing boyfriend



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