Fine Print


That’s not in my job description

Was this apart of other duties assigned?

I didn’t read that section

I can’t stand the fine print

Why must I always hear about what you did for the last girl

This woman needs some romance as well

Can we go on a trip around the world

Is short end of the stick plastered across my forehead

Perhaps I should be the star in the next motion picture entitled “Fall Back Gurl”

Apparently they all think I’m sitting here waiting

It’s great to see you doing everything with that chick that we were supposed to do

It’s obvious to see that I truly meant nothing to you

Oh that’s right only house visits are in the parameters for our contact

Being seen out in public would break all of your rules

To be loved is what I want to sing as I see couples on the train staring into each other’s eyes lovingly

My only choices are random inbox messages from men I’ve never met

Old flames that have notice my body image change

Fellow gamers that notice my smile

What happened to dating and courting

I guess I’m not worth taking out on a stroll

No one said you had to break the bank

In fact no money needs to be involved

Can you see that it’s more to me than dimples and a smile

Developing a strong friendship may take awhile

Yet loyalty is what you seek daily

But your view of me is low

I’m racking my brain trying to figure out why you think so

As I hang my head low

Tears well up in my eyes

No longer seeking society’s standards

My Father made me for society’s magnets

Dating wasn’t in the cards for me

Love isn’t a choice for me

Cheering others in their pursuit of happiness seems to be my long standing role

I accept the terms and conditions

Forever reminiscent of what could have been

If society wouldn’t have taken such a downward spiral

I wouldn’t feel so cold

Arise Ice Queen

Once again take your throne

Fortress made

Thoughts of companionship slayed

Welcome to the solemn masquerade

Where everyone who enters plays a detrimental game

Only to be consumed by false pretenses

Stop feeling pity for the sense of gloom that has taken over this room

I’m at peace with the decision

There’s no room at the couple’s retreat

For a single woman with everything to lose

What did I miss on my conquest to become rich

My life is grand but I’m not a part of my Master’s greatest plan

To be fruitful and multiply

So this is my last stand



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