Praise should be free

Praise should be free
Not entered into manually
Raised hands are signs of worship naturally
Only to You do I give all
Something so small
Why not give it all
Suspended thoughts of selfishness
Leading to incessant ego driven rants
Proper guidelines laid before thee
Progressive interpretations laden with false depictions
Engrossed in development of unjust followers

Many of them full of despicable sorrows
Righteous discipleship demands sacrifice
How precious is your life
Why must we be cloaked in strife
Inducted into folklore rituals becoming inherent

Their truths no longer transparent

Forsaking the Greatest Parent
To the next generation

Communication has become stagnant
Spoken word scriptures
Lies ingested and perfected to reflect suspect ideals
Your role is to transform through obedience daily

No need to seem shady

There are requests that need to be made
There is no equal
There isn’t a sequel
It’s all laid out before you
Be what He has laid out for you
Undoubtedly led to stand before
Those in immediate contrast

Stop allowing your mind to get hung up in your past

Seemingly gliding through life in a full body cast
This time has been appointed
Life can be full of disappointments
Entertain those in ear shot
Testify to thee about who has the top spot
Referee those apologies around you
When ignorance constantly spewed
Emptiness begins to stew in your heart
Flee those doubts
Rise above those great debaters
Lift yourself from despair
Now that you’re more aware
Yearn for them to push forward
Your prosperity is in the blessings your receive daily
Your defense mechanism should be prayer

Don’t allow your praise to be encoded as monotony

Be free and clear

Don’t allow your praise to be smeared

Instead allow His Holiness to be revered

Raise your hands where you stand

Bow your head in your seat

Allow the tears to creep out of your soul

No need to be the mole

Not ashamed should be your tagline

I live for the Kingdom should be the hashtag

The book your profile should be updated in daily has no face

The Lamb’s blood is the base

Now who do we see when we look upon your face


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