A comment was made recently
You don’t know your worth
I took a pause and contemplated the cause of this erroneous judgment
Such colorful commentary must come from a place of dismay
Every fiber of me wanted to scream I do that’s why I chose not to date you
Unfortunately you took my rejection of your offer the wrong way
The caliber of man that I desire apparently wasn’t one of your strong aspects
I don’t date for hobby purposes
Courting has an intended direction of pursuit
The reverse psychology trick may have impressed the lady you left  behind
Your offense may have scored in the last quarter
Perhaps you need someone to upgrade you
I can no longer pour into you until there’s no more left of me
Now you’re ready to conquer the world
Scampering around like a squirrel
As I scramble to collect my perils
Every stand of my pearls
Accounts for a disillusioned moment of companionship
I’m made for a purpose
That which is not to be what you want, need, or desire me to be
My light shines so brightly
To enlighten thee
At my lowest moment of darkness
I felt the spark
Depression nested in my confidence for years
Praise God spears of grace dismantled that place
Through transformation I’m able to stand
Realizing my worth is priceless
As your retinal scanner malfunctions
Your words become random
As your brain tries to figure why my barcode won’t register
You thought your tactics were clever
Move on to your next endeavor
This pursuit of happiness has been severed



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