You’re so beautiful
You’re so down to earth
You’re smile lights up a room
You have such a nice shape
I don’t know why you’re still single
Perhaps all you’ve stated are lies
Compliments sound great
Allowing one to believe in the facade and not depend on God
You’re a masterpiece on your own
Many live through opinions of others
Most of them have low self-esteem
Having you losing stream as you take three steps back
Hesitation has become a part of your daily preparation
On every occasion intriguing remarks are made
Are you persuaded to berate me
Have you accepted a new position to degrade me
Being a slave to this world’s ideals
Have left you concealed
As you attempt to complete a figure eight
On your ring of spite shaped like a heart
Remember that dejected feeling you’ve made me feel

You were once made to believe those very things
Now you’re determined to be a hermit emotionally
Spewing tact less and trivial observations
As you fly your kite through your fantasy life
We were made to uplift
Not to set adrift
In a sea of trite debris
From the very pit of bitterness
That has yet to be dealt with
This svelte sanctified sister
Gets empowered by your hateful whispers
As I lay in His bosom
As He instills in me not to listen



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