You’re so beautiful
You’re so down to earth
You’re smile lights up a room
You have such a nice shape
I don’t know why you’re still single
Perhaps all you’ve stated are lies
Compliments sound great
Allowing one to believe in the facade and not depend on God
You’re a masterpiece on your own
Many live through opinions of others
Most of them have low self-esteem
Having you losing stream as you take three steps back
Hesitation has become a part of your daily preparation
On every occasion intriguing remarks are made
Are you persuaded to berate me
Have you accepted a new position to degrade me
Being a slave to this world’s ideals
Have left you concealed
As you attempt to complete a figure eight
On your ring of spite shaped like a heart
Remember that dejected feeling you’ve made me feel

You were once made to believe those very things
Now you’re determined to be a hermit emotionally
Spewing tact less and trivial observations
As you fly your kite through your fantasy life
We were made to uplift
Not to set adrift
In a sea of trite debris
From the very pit of bitterness
That has yet to be dealt with
This svelte sanctified sister
Gets empowered by your hateful whispers
As I lay in His bosom
As He instills in me not to listen




What do you see
Apparently my looks are deceiving
You approached me with genuine intentions on the surface
Unfortunately malice filled your chalice
I was so gullible and developed an attachment to a new experience
A man seeing my personality for what it truly is
All of my flaws being swept under the rug knowingly
I believed I was different
Disappointingly I was incorrect
My lifestyle change seems to have given you the wrong idea
My pictures are not ads for needed intimacy
I’m not taking job applications for the vacancy in my life right now
He’s still working on me from the inside out
Your goal was to touch me on the inside
Looking back these were your first words to me
Silly me to believe you were referring to my heart
Parts of me are still broken from inappropriate friendships in my past
I try to put those views on countless tear streaked pages of my journals
Yet I keep getting the same outcome
I’m not the 20% you’re missing in your relationship so back off
I’m the 80% that the right man for me is looking for
I’m 100% sure that this isn’t what God made me for
My eyes have been jaded for a long time
Of course the minute I let my guard down
Emotional ninjas desecrated my very foundation
My self-esteem spiraled into despondency
He’s so crafty the angel on my shoulder whispered to me sweetly
While I got swept off of my feet
Those sugar coated harassments I viewed as compliments
Colorful commentary slithering through those crevices of dejected feelings pieced together forming a bridge
From dysfunction to real life images
Curses are true
My feelings are new shade of blue
This generation is paying a hefty price
For the role you didn’t play in my life
I’m going to get it right one day
I will be able to look back and say
All my demons were slayed
As my knight in shining armor leads the way