My strength is masked by pain daily

I can be all you need to be supremely

Yet there isn’t anyone there to do the same for me humanly

My GOD is able indeed but we are meant to be social beings

Being the butterfly that I am I’ve touched many lives

In doing so my feet are not planted long

I’m any and everywhere doing great things so people have said

In the end sometimes I feel completely drained

Possibly if I could cry real hard for like five minutes I’ll be cool

But not this time

A feeling of rejection is trying to rule and abide

My positive vibes are slowly diminishing

The love I exude is depleting

Pumping myself up internally to put on my happy face is getting old

Perhaps I need a day to myself to do what I want to do

Maybe I need to be selfish for once

It feels so weird even writing that

I’ve been accused of so many negative things that it boggles my mind

Apparently my perception of things is harsh to many

I’m sorry if you can’t handle the truth

The truth is what is piercing through my veins trying to get out

Attempting to be nice in my commentary has worn thin

I can’t keep harboring a cover up for your inconsistent views

I’m real all day every day

Yes I’m strong

Yes I’m independent

Yes I’m bold

Yes I’m a force to be reckoned with

But what child of God isn’t

Many times insecurity rears its ugly head when my days seem dim

I guess I’m entering my next storm

The wind is whipping as I try to steady myself

Perhaps I should have built myself up better than this

My foundation is a little weak

Trusting in thought of MAN can cloud your judgment

Looking back on some of my journal entries makes me think I’m way more different than I thought