A piece of my heart broke when I released you from my psyche

See you thought you had me

I was caught up in your words of affirmation

You made me feel amazing

Yet just like that no communication

I felt worthless and confused

Had I imagined all of the attention that was shown to me

Did you even acknowledge me without technology

Perhaps in my fantasy more had taken place

You didn’t even want to show your face

In public displays of affection you led me down a road of rejection

I know I’m nowhere near your view of perfection

But I have a lot of dedication

In my journey I’ve learned so many things

My beauty is way more than my dimples

Love isn’t that simple when jaded views have tarnished your perception

I will never understand your delayed reactions

Now all of your texts are been sent like a chain reaction

Did you notice the last time the glimmer had left my eye

Now you want to hang around like a sty

I’m better than you previously thought

Too late for the take me backs

I’m done with all of your self-esteem attacks

Stay in the gutter by your lonesome

I have another road that has been less travelled

No longer straddling

If it’s meant to be….he will be….because HE is always with me