I see her loud and clear

Those who I held dear responded to me and I was left unclear

All the feedback received reads Dear Kim

Whelp I know that salutation

This must be the end

How come I never see it coming

Do I get that caught up

Can I possibly be that oblivious

Enamored with the thought of saying us

I’ve finally had enough

My sense of trust lacks luster

Takes a lot for me to muster up words to say

Faithful I always stay

With someone else they always choose to lay

Thoughts of love fade into memories of an old stage plays

How come I’m always the victim

Random acts of kindness never lead to true guidance

Suffering from bitter tastes in my mouth from the ignorance you spout

Clouds of ill intentions hang over my head

Heart felt words heard so long ago my heart has experienced a severe drought

Visions of doubt begin to secure my loneliness

Decisions made expediently not needing to believe in intimacy

Standing here wondering how can this be

I’m a princess whom should be honored and raised to a Queen’s status

Yet I remain a smear on your spear as your pull it out of my back

Leaving me with a lonely tear

Trying to hear my knight in shining armor

Now I spew negativity onto the next person

Smearing my reputation

Back in the same boat trying to stay afloat

Thoughts become remote

No wonder its been a year since I truly wrote