I thought……

You’re beautiful inside and out

You’re going to be a great wife to some guy in the future

You’re real cool just like a dude        

I can hang out with you all the time at your house

I assumed you didn’t care that much

…..I thought I was meant to be with you

Sorry I haven’t returned your email, text, or calls

I’ve been real busy dealing with a family emergency

It’s so hard to deal with I don’t have anyone to talk to

I know it’s late but can I swing through I really need to see you

Oh you wanted to go out we can do that next time

…..I thought I was here for you

I thought I was a pretty good catch

I thought I was very understanding

I thought I did my part

I thought I went above and beyond the call of duty

I thought I was the epitome of what a man needed

……I thought I was woman enough for you

Wow it’s amazing how I get treated like gum on your shoe

I’m flabbergasted by the utter disrespect you show me

Yet you still want me to wait for you to get your life together

My life is together now and I’m no longer walking around with my head bowed

I’m speaking up and I know you heard me because it was very loud

I am no longer floating on that cloud

…..I thought you knew




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