…unfinished love…

In my heart you plan to reside
Hearing your voice increases my longings
It’s your frame I long to be beside
Courage given every time you step aside
Saving me from pain with every stride
Yet it was you who made me cry
The thoughts that have lingered
I don’t understand why
The affect you have on me burns deep like lye
My heart still isn’t straight
Jagged edges of broken promises
Assumptions trapped in the mire of incomplete notions
I was tired of going through the motions
Now drowning in oceans of regret
I feel stagnate
Connected to you like a magnet
Freely divulging remorseful quotes
Insensitive vibes inscribed on the ridged outline of my heart
Thoughts of how smart I am clouded judgment of common sense
My emotional walls are irrelevant
True love became a fleeting notion
As my devotion to Him became clear
Relationships from my past became smears upon my rose colored glasses
You need to be restored in my system
Incomplete motions of love
Run through my mind at night
Were you suppose to be my knight
Cuz all I felt was slight

Blinded by His light

I’m engulfed in the spark you seem to ignite

My creativity has reignited passion in my goals

Perhaps our souls were meant to mold

Maybe this time around newness will unfold

Back into the fire I go

Allow this dross to allow me to floss

As I cross this new pathway in life

Prayerfully not to be overtaken by moss