Seemingly not of your time

Not of your interest

Daily phone calls to check in on me

So you say

Mainly to see if I’m thinking about someone new

A form of control

Issues stemming from your past

Love claims to be your reason to keep dialing my line

Your alibis never sustain your lies

Watching life pass me by

Hoping I would be the twinkle in your eye

Tearful journal entries began to fill my nights

The pain down so deep now I’m unable to write

Sick to my stomach with delusions of today will be different

As the phone rings

Joy bubbles to the surface

Just to be suppressed by your usual mess

Another conquest to put in your chest

As the victor in this game of chess

In my life I’ve been blessed to experience fullness of life

While you beat upon your chest

I’m being made over to be the best

Left alone in your nest of secrets

Your crest screams of a love lost

Standing on the broken pieces of my heart

My soul departs

To my love that sacrificed

Not once has the word even entered your mind

Love was just a coincidence

Possibly just convenience

A scheme well played

Feelings swayed

Engaged in combat

Unwittingly swept off of my feet

Unknowingly looked upon as a trophy

A future was never in the plan

Here I am again

Same routine

Same outcome

Numb to feelings of love

Running toward HIS love

When will I learn

HE is the only one I’m to yearn for

Your view of life is incorrigible

Why did I believe you weren’t culpable

Weight lifting off of my shoulders

No longer living in your borders

HE loves me undeniably

No need to second guess

Not in duress

HE has prepared me daily to impress

Impact this swirl of darkness that keeps trying to engulf me

As my smile breaks through my pitiful frown

I praise HIS name aloud

Thank you for YOU are worthy




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