So many apologies I’ve received recently

Heartfelt from the gut

Tear marked parchment

Expressing guilt of false impressions

Default emotions rolled into doubtful expectations

…..so it wasn’t me

You’re comments once enraged me

The view from your eyes enslaved me

I began to take on those frailties

Unable to stand on my own

Ground to shaky

Feedback from others often flaky

Leaning on make believe

Trying to see what I once believed

….it wasn’t me

Now newfound opportunities have afforded you a new take on life

Amazingly I should have been your wife

Caught up in drama filled excursions

Ready to throw in the white towel of diversions


…..wasn’t me

I am a lady in waiting

Here I stand beside my Groom

He has done so much for me

He wiped my slate clean

Redeeming me with accountability


Those rose colored shades have been removed

Many shades of love have been revealed

In learning about myself through the muck and mire thrown upon me by you

I’m able to stand in His glory

I’ve been redeemed

It wasn’t me…..it’s through Him

I’m Kimberly

Check the resume boo

Google me too



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