Let me go

Why hold on

 If I’m not what you envisioned me to be

Let me go since all we do is argue

Release me from your security bondage

Knowing each other for so long

Has afforded you a certain level of contentment

Resentment has built up in my heart

All you see is my physical attributes shining through

Never did you take the time to see how my mental complimented

How my spiritual elevated

Nope all you see is various parts of my anatomy

Stop playing this facade of developing a meaningful relationship with me

You could care less about what was bugging me

All I need to do is respond to unwanted texts and emails

Unintentional forwards that have been seen by millions

Yet I’m supposed to be excited that you thought of me

Seriously I don’t need this agitation

My heart has migrated

HIS words have irrigated my soul

I had hoped my light reflected in my prose

I see your heart is still cold

No wonder you couldn’t establish a real relationship with me

Darkness can’t mesh with light

As the corridor widens

I see my life enlivened

As yours dims in the background

I pray someone comes along to uplift

Apparently that wasn’t apart of the original job application

My gifts were misappropriated

The perception got jaded

As you allowed him to instigate

Break the chain of instability

Learn to love someone for their capabilities

Not their shapely niceties



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