Many times I feel as if I can’t breathe so I need to take a pause

Trying to maneuver away from haters

Upon my back I feel clamoring paws

In my life I have experienced

Delusions of grandeur from a few that only brought me bad news

Clawing at my psyche

Drawing conclusions that are so unlike me

Pauses in my life allow positivity to flow

As I brush off paw prints

From hate being spewed at me

So many trying to get at me

Devil waiting for the reaction within me

Yet I pause

As the paws seemingly clamoring around my throat

Trying to suppress the depression

To keep my soul quiet

Through my expression

I overcome the delusion from the evil one

Now I welcome the paws

Now it means it’s time to pause


Think about the praise in that

They are so busy trying to think how you will retaliate

That they miss that fact that it’s a spiritual combat

I’m being used to witness not fight back

The battle has been won

For I have been chose by THE ONE

Who created a pause in my downward spiral

As the paws began to consume me

Pulled from the depths

In my arms I’m being kept

As He allows my world to pause

As He inscribes His words into our clause



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