You’re the love song I’ve never sung

The feeling in my stomach that I’ve yet to overcome

Emotions fill each thought of you

I want to run away from the next step

My heart has been so unkept

Trying to be the perfect woman you’ve ever met

My needs have yet to be met

All about you has been the track I’ve been playing over and over in my head

Not wanting to end up like Angela Basset

I’m exhaling now

Screaming that I need more

The definition of a relationship has many variations

Apparently ours were left to premonitions

Everything no longer relates to movies

I have real thoughts not delusions

Tangible examples to springboard from

How come I wasn’t the one

Too many hurdles to overcome

The journey was too short

Time to abort

This mission is now finished

Visions of grandeur diminished

Thoughts of couple activity caused so much division

I never meant to cause derision

When I gave you permission

I assumed my feelings would be accounted for

Apparently that wasn’t what you were after me for

I want more

A woman you say who complains

Is the feedback I’ve ignored

I deserve to have my thoughts preserved

Unfortunately you don’t want to be the vault where they are stored



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