She is

Wonderfully and fearfully made

She’s a joy to behold

Daring and dainty

Insanity developing into femininity

Insecurity shamed before her in obscurity

A delicate flower nurtured in a lush valley

Shining brightly among a sea of beauty

She sticks out indiscreetly

Always aware of her surroundings

Ready to soak in morality

There are standards to be met

And the course has been chartered

No need for love to be the martyr

He has charmed her

Delicate fingerprints of destiny

Intertwined in subtle vocabulary

A woman has been established in this experience

Growth of sensuality

Migrating to neutrality

On one accord she’s become with Him

Know she’s making her growth relevant

Precious time spent encapsulated in defiance

Now the time has come to be compliant

Engrossed in visions of what she could have been

Grounded in what she has been

A woman of great nobility

A game changer as we have all seen

Brilliantly streaming laughter with each glide of her stride

Many have desperately tried to imitate her gait

One of a kind

Able to truly unwind

Always taking the opportunity to seek humanity

Amazingly grace has laced her spontaneity

Simultaneously embracing her heritage

Vintage womanhood at its best

Jealous ones dare not to test

Impeccable fashion sense

A packaged wrapped but never sent

For to him she’s waited

Ready to take this journey unabated

Welcome this lovely young lady

Done with just dating

It’s time for some real relating





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