Pieces of a dream

Once I had the goal to achieve the American Dream

I wrote all of them down in my senior yearbook

White picket fence

A husband and 2.5 kids

A dog

A corner home

A position in middle management in a high grossing corporation

All successful things to want to be

Unfortunately none of them happened for me

I had the birth of a new dream

A great poet

I’ve written many poems

Even compiled them into a book form

A world renowned author

I saw in the distance

Touring the world

That dream also fizzled

An awesome bible study teacher

I love to study His word so I wanted to share His truths with others

A phenomenal retreat speaker

I had the awesome chance to speak before women of God

In doing so I saw another dream

A spoken word recording artist

A band behind me as I recited my poems sounded ideal

Two bands I was a part of and lost my focus

The death of another dream

A mentoring ministry

Had lingered around in my soul

Influencing the minds of young women of tomorrow

Inspiring young women to achieve great things for God

Aspiring to lead the remnant of young women seeking after God

It encapsulates all of my former dreams except for that American Dream

But as a wise women once said

I wasn’t saved when I dreamed that first American dream

All of my spiritual dreams have come together to piece together a centralized dream for me

Undoubtedly Joseph saw pieces in his dreams

Now that He dwells within us

Our dreams are revealed daily

All we have to do is believe

None of my dreams died they were just pieces of a dream

No need to seek the American dream

Jesus lives within me and He’s all I need



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